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Calixte Henry (1933-2010)

Born in Port-au-Prince on January 3, 1933. Calixte Henry completes primary and secondary school at Lycée Pétion. He worked several years as a telegraph operator, then enrolls in the Haitian Centre d'Art in 1955 and starts painting.

In 1959, he leaves the Centre d'Art to continue his research alone. He works with Galerie Monnin and he is interested and impressionism and cubism. He stops painting with brushes to use razor blades, which gives his painting a finer touch and transparency. Later, he paints with a palette knife.

Calixte Henry eliminates every detail in his work to obtain very restrained and pure lines. Through a contrasting effect of tones, he obtains volume. Rudimentary drawing is balanced with the harmony of colors, the contrast of which makes his personality. From green and blue he draws an infinite number of vibrations.