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Dieudonne Cedor (1925-2010)

Born in L'Anse a Veau on March 8th, 1925. Arriving at a young age in Port-Au-Prince where he started his primary studies at Tertulien Guilbaud to pursue at Beaubrun Ardouin.

In 1944, he became a cabinetmaker, but seemed more interested in art. He entered at the Centre d' Art in December 1947.

At the "Centre d' Art", he worked under the supervision of Rigaud Benoit who thought him the elementary principals of pictorial art . Dewit Peters (founder of Centre d'Art) made him cheef of the studio. In 1949, Cedor is chosen as a member of the committee of administration of the "Centre".

Merged in a conflict that opposed the artists and the management of the "Centre", he was elected president of the Haitian Artist Association. Later on became a member/founder of the "Foyer des Arts Plastiques" (F.D.A.P). from 1952 to 1956, he was the director of the F.D.A .P.

He participated with Luckner Lazare and Roland Dorcely, at the foundation of the "Galerie Brochette" in 1956, where he stayed 'till 1962. He's one of the most seen and respected artists of that time. In 1957, he was named director of the museum of Beaux-Arts of Port-Au-Prince. He accepted the post and resigned 24 hours later.

From 1969 to 1976, he worked as artistic counselor at "Galerie Nader" of Port-Au-Prince.