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Ernst Louizor (1938-2011)

Ernst Louizor is one of its finest examples of a brilliant master of the impressionist style that already was lacking followers.

Contrary to popular belief, Louizor is not out of the school of Brochette. It is straight out of the first furnace of the Academy of Fine Arts, having trained under the guidance of Professor George Ramponeau with Rose-Marie Desruisseaux, Hermantin, George Paul Hector, and Ludovic Alfred DuJour Bouze, and as Director -director Amedeo Montagutelli.

Louizor lived in Bizoton close to the local market and in the heart of an intense traffic in which incessantly mingled the roar of engines tap-tap, the usual noise of the many daily activities, as well as the spree of debauchery and good known to all. In my opinion, Bizoton was for him a laboratory. There he found his inspiration and he continually developed his imagination. There he drew his masterpieces of the 60’s and 70’s, namely his vivid market scenes with captivating colors. “Guédés” his face covered with powder, the beautiful sea and “gaguères”, places of perpetual effervescence. Each of these pictures was a real gem, a beautiful poem that one cannot cease to read. Louizor’s paintings are in fact poetry in color, poetry on canvas.

Eric Girault -painter