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Hilome Jose

Hilome Jose was born in 1947 in the town of Jeremie, located on the southwestern tip of Haiti. He moved to Port-au-Prince in the 1960s to work as a carpenter. Though he had never thought of painting before, Jose got a chance to meet Calixte Henry through a mutual friend. Since then he developed some passion for art and decided to be trained by Haitian master artist Calixte. Through the training he started to paint on his own.

He is a journeyman knife painter with a distinctive style. He proficiently used both color and lines to portray the simple and peasant life in Haiti. His work was mainly done using oil on the canvas. His work was all about the living style in Haiti. Hilome tried to communicate that their simple lifestyle was good but it is better if they improved it.

In his painting of the waterfront, the water is very well done. He showed that Haitians were actually in island where they are surrounded by water. In his chatting art he tried to show that the people of Haiti met once in a while to discuss few issues thus there was harmony.

His art can found in numerous private collections all around the world and illustrations of this art can be found in the book Haitian Painting Art and Kitsch, written by Eva Pataki. 

Hilome Jose is presently one of Haiti’s most highly esteemed modern artists who employ an incredibly unique style of painting.