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Wilfrid Louis

Wilfrid Louis born in Port-Au-Prince on April 17, 1943, studied till the 11th grade. At the French Alliance he devoured the art, poetry and philosophy books.

In 1963 he applied to the "Beaux Art" academy for seven years. Working with wax crayons with Amerigo Montagutelli, drawing with Rene Exhume and art work with ceramics with Jean Claude Garoute (Tiga). He founded his own studio called the "Maloulou Atelier".

In 1965 Roger Gaillard, rector of the University of Port-au-Prince, dedicated an article in "Le Novelliste" (an Haitian newspaper) to him. Wilfrid still guides students in a popular cultural center.

His painting of impressionism tendency is very inspired by the Haitian culture. He paints with a knife with a remarkable light touch.

He has exposed in many places such as Haiti, Washington D.C., Venezuela, and France for twenty years.